Hans van der Ham

Individu en masse

Hans van der Ham (NL)
In the work of Hans van der Ham his often atypical figures are not directly defined. Although most pictures are related to the human figure, they remain as such indefinable. From behind this masquerade however, they seem to expose in a different way. Faces often lack, but the attitudes speak all the more. Despite the robust clay they show vulnerability in particular, as if they discuss their own existence. Perhaps this says something about a possible hidden inner world? An adopted personae as a necessary protection against a ruthless outside world? The images do ask ourselves whether we survive as individuals in the crowd. Do we consciously hide ourselves behind a mask? Who can we trust? These are some questions Hans van der Ham asks himself. Van der Ham studied classical piano at the conservatory, before he began his studies at the art academy in Rotterdam. He makes drawings, paintings and sculptures of clay. He also enjoys fame as exhibition maker and was co-founder of Garage Rotterdam. His work can be seen at home and abroad and is represented by gallery Nouvelles Images in The Hague, The Netherlands. Hans van der Ham lives in the Hague and works in Rotterdam.


Monique Tolk






Beeldentuin 2017, Ravesteyn Heenvliet

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24 preludes 1989-1994

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Individu en masse

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Museumnacht 2012 Garage Rotterdam

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Hans van der Ham 1990-2000

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Business op Zuid

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Hans van der Ham bedekt en verhult

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To be honest

Interview with Hans van der Ham by Monique Tolk because of the exhibition TO BE HONEST, galerie Nouvelles Images, The Hague October 15th 2014 Read on

Niederländisch 3D

Catalogue group exhibition at Petra Nostheide-Eycke Gallery, Düsseldorf 2007 Tanja Smeets, Maurice van Tellingen, Mark Kramer, Silvia B., Noëlle Cuppens a.o. Read on


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From volatility to stillness

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Black White

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Hungry Gods in Garage Rotterdam

Cimbalom Concerto, Florian Magnus Maier, June 2012 (Hans van der Ham on keyboards) Read on


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Interview by Ernest van der Kwast

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De droomsfeer..

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Individu en masse

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RITUAL AND THE SACRED - Route du Nord 2016

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Through the Mirror

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Beeldentuin 2017, Ravesteyn Heenvliet

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Hans van der Ham

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LOSKIJKEN - galerie Nouvelles Images, Den Haag (NL) - 2013

The posthumous book ' LOSKIJKEN ' by Erik Bos (1955-2016), gallery owner of gallery Nouvelles Images, with thirteen letters to and six interviews with visual artists, including Hans van der Ham. Read on